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In Drowning, the audience was introduced to the choreographer's fondness for building impressive architectural shapes of slow-motion restraint and clever partnering, all utilizing an elegantly simple vocabulary and just three dancers.
Foster's strength as a choreographer rose to the surface at rapid speed in Clutch… a dance that confirmed Foster's range and imagination.
Palm Beach Daily News

While the dancers’ faces were largely hidden throughout “Levitate,” their technique and Foster’s unique movement vocabulary were clearly evident... “Levitate” is the sort of work that leaves the audience sitting in silence for minutes after the dancers have left the stage. Julinda Lewis; Richmond Times Dispatch

Starrene Foster managed to come out on top with two arresting modern ballets Seven Sisters and On the Wire. She tends to use acoustic discords which nicely complements the inner and outer conflicts of the dancers. Her dance patterns translate into synesthetic sensory appreciation. The dancers are highly disciplined and radiate joy in their dancing”
Washington Post

Starr Foster is a master of immediacy. Whether her dances address the anxieties of current relationships or the long-ago horrors of the Holocaust, Foster lets you know how it feels to be bumped out of orbit, scrambling to avoid disasters…”
Jennie Knapp, Richmond Times Dispatch

Overall, audiences can expect a polished, energetic performance in the true Starr Foster style this weekend. For combining technically challenging, visually engaging choreography with universal, accessible themes, give SFDP a round of applause. They've given their all to the Richmond dance community for five years, and we hope they'll keep going strong.
Lea Marshall; Richmond.com

The Starr Foster Dance Project is hands down the best young dance company I've seen in years. Starr's production of "Alice," which retells the Lewis Carroll classic with a fresh, sexy sort of creepiness, is stellar.”
John Sarvay; Floricane.com

From Richmond, the Starr Foster Dance Project brings seven powerhouse dancers in four works…”
Washington Post

I don't know what was more prevalent-Foster's dark humor or emotional gravity. Should her topical subjects be any indication, Foster's submerged understanding of choreography will likely be entertaining audiences for years to come.”
Roberto Curtis; Spectrum/Commonwealth Times

“…Once again, Foster has teased and intrigued us with her wit and unique perspective on life.”
Julinda Lewis; Richmond Times Dispatch